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What Work Can I Do From Home

A few decades ago, work from home was only possible for a few professions. Now, more jobs are evolving towards working from home and remote accessibility. Professionals can learn how to earn money from work at home by searching, "what work can I do from home," and gaining and improving the skills they need to attract these roles. 

Thanks to collaborative technologies and software, organizations are no longer limited to their office locations when hiring talent. This opens up work opportunities for skilled professionals to tap into. Are you someone who is considering a transition to working from home? Here are examples of work from home jobs you can do.

  1. Customer service:
    If you have good communication skills and help people solve problems, customer service is a great work from home job. You can work with utility companies, online stores, neobanks, and other organizations with recurring customer service needs.
  2. Programming and software development: If you are considering working from home, programming is one of the most lucrative career options you can find. You can work in any organization with technical needs and even help small businesses build websites and technology solutions.
  3. Bookkeeping and accounting: All businesses and organizations need to keep their books and accounts in order. This provides significant work opportunities for certified professionals with accounting and bookkeeping skills to work from home. 
  4. Web and graphic design: If you're skilled at making attractive web or graphic designs, you may find it easy to find work from home. Companies of all sizes frequently need web and graphic designers to create fresh, visual content and media assets. 
  5. Virtual assistance: If you're organized, tech-savvy, and competent, you'd be a great candidate for virtual assistant and remote executive assistant roles for busy professionals and executives.
  6. Telehealth: Telehealth involves delivering healthcare services remotely. This work from home job experienced a surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a telehealth worker, you provide remote healthcare to patients through video conferencing tools or a patient support line. 
  7. Writing: Content writing. Sales writing. Copywriting. Writing is an excellent work from home opportunity that hardly ever runs out of prospects. You can freelance write for businesses and earn a good living. Presence on social media is increasingly becoming a must-have for businesses. This adds another opportunity for remote writers.
  8. E-commerce stores: Anyone can launch an e-commerce store and start earning immediately. Whether you create your products or ship from manufacturers, there is no limit to your earning potential with owning an online store. 
  9. Tutoring: The pandemic also led to growth in e-learning and increased demand for online teachers, especially K-12's. If you have a background in education, you can find good work from home as an online tutor or curriculum designer.
  10. Translator: Bilingual professionals have a good opportunity to learn how to earn money from work at home. As a translator, you can find work from home opportunities in the public and private sectors. 

This is not an exhaustive list of all the jobs you can do from home. With determination, willingness to learn and improve, and reliable access to the internet, the question, "what work can I do from home," can become an adventure and path to a new and rewarding lifestyle. 

Learning how to earn money from work at home is important for professionals in today's economy. Figuring out what kind of work you can do from home can lead to a better work-life balance that satisfies you and brings in more income.