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Which Careers are Good for Working From Home?

As the demand for remote work continues to rise, it is imperative for employees to be aware of the right avenues to build their career path.

Telecommuting and work from home jobs save employees time and money, reduce stress levels, and increase productivity. You’ve heard all the benefits, but you may be wondering exactly what jobs allow you to work from home? 

We have rounded up a list of key sectors and careers where you can work from home effectively.

Web developer

Web development is a good career choice for anyone looking to work from home. It requires web designers to plan and create websites for both commercial and personal use. They can also use their skills in advertising, computer system design, publishing, management consulting, and other areas.

To get started, you’ll ideally need to have a post-secondary qualification, relevant working experience, and a portfolio of the sites you have built or managed. Plus, you can also take advanced web development courses along the way.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants provide a wide range of technical, creative, administrative, and other services across various industries. These include healthcare, finance, legal, etc. You can collaborate with a company or start your own virtual assistant venture.

Either way, it’s a great career option if you wish to work remotely. Because virtual assistants cater to different fields, the pay scale is also broad.

Freelance writer

Technical writers, journalists, bloggers, and editors are also well positioned for a transition to remote work. If you have a stable internet connection, appropriate computer equipment, and relevant expertise, you can advance your writing career while working remotely. 

Social media manager

Social media management is crucial for any business hoping to reach and engage with customers. While it is necessary, not every small business can afford to have a dedicated team that manages their social media accounts.

That is why some businesses prefer recruiting individuals over establishing an entirely new department for managing digital channels.

If you have an interest and the skills to manage a company’s social media effectively, keep an eye out for relevant job postings and opportunities. Your job would be to strengthen their online presence, grow their followings, and ultimately expand their reach.

Now that you have a grasp of the best jobs where you can work from home, you may find yourself asking ‘how do I find work from home jobs?’ For that, you’ll have to look out for the work from home job postings in your area of interest and send your resumes to potential employers.