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How Do I List Remote Work on My Resume?

After transitioning to a remote role, you may be wondering how to list your position on your resume. When tidying up your work experience, here is how to show remote work on a resume so you can ensure your next job hunt goes as smoothly as possible.

Telecommuting has grown 115% in the last decade. That means, your future employer has likely encountered other candidates with long term remote work experience. As with any other job role, it is imperative to list your relevant experience, accomplishments, and skills. 

Since there isn’t any particular section on the resume solely dedicated to flexible work, you’ll have to figure out innovative ways to showcase your remote working experience and weave it into your pre-existent resume format.

How to show remote work on your resume

Here are some tips on how to list remote work on a resume and demonstrate your previous work experience.

  • Incorporate in qualifications sections
    This approach works best for employees and is the simplest way to mention your remote experience, such as “Technical Documentation Writer with 2+ years of remote work experience.” This helps to communicate that you have been working remotely, how long, and in what capacity.

  • Include your remote work experience when describing past roles
    Ideally, the job section is the best place to list your previous remote experience. It gives the potential employer an overview of your job responsibilities and it highlights the fact that you carried out the tasks while working remotely. For example, you can put this as:

    Online Marketing Manager at XYZ Global Industries 
    Worked on XYZ Global’s award-winning webinar and podcast series. This was a remote position which required me to communicate across time zones, coordinate production teams, and manage a medium-sized budget. The remote nature of this position meant I was largely self-organizing and worked asynchronously with a global team. 

  • Add your remote work experience to the job title
    A job title on your resume is another way to subtly let a prospective employer know about your remote working experience. “Software Engineer (Remote)” is an example of telegraphing your remote work experience in a job title. This informs the employer that you have worked out of the office while keeping the job title prominent.

    Similarly, if you have worked on freelance jobs or projects with related responsibilities, you can unite them under the title. I.e., “Marketing Content Writer – Freelance,” following the names of companies you worked for. This is a quick way to showcase the nature of your work to a future employee.

  • List specific remote skills
    Mention all the skills that make a competent remote employee. It is imperative to list the abilities that helped you efficiently to accomplish tasks. Employers expect to see what remote software you have proficiency in, such as Dropbox, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Trello, etc.

Additionally, don’t forget to list your soft skills. Focus on time management, digital communication, and other skills that showcase your ability to work efficiently from anywhere.

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