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What Types of Companies Allow Work From Home?

In many cases, the transition from traditional offices to remote work has been fast and furious. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many types of companies pivoted to remote work in order to accomodate for shifting public health guidelines. 

This has led to many would-be employees seeking out guidance on what companies hire work from home employees. Additionally, information on what industries thrive in a work from home environment has influenced job seekers’ decision-making. Reasonably, any company can allow and embrace a work from home arrangement if it has the resources, tools, and right execution to make it work.

Some of the business world's key players have endorsed long term remote working and indicated it may be here to stay.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that he would allow employees to work from home "forever." However, he kept remote work policy options broad and left the door open for those who may want work out of a traditional office.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg promised to be “the most forward-leaning company on remote work at our scale."

Microsoft will also reportedly allow its employees to work remotely indefinitely. 

Now that the paradigm of remote work is changing rapidly, here are some of the industries that have successfully adapted to remote working.

Banking, manufacturing, and public sectors

Crowe Pulse Survey revealed that 56% who rated their shift to remote work as “excellent” were from the banking sector. This was higher than 53% from public sector respondents and 37% of distribution and manufacturing respondents who had the same views. 

Healthcare industry

The healthcare sector was able to switch its managerial and administrative functions (such as billing, finance, etc.) off-site. Growth in the telehealth sector has also been observed.

Accounting industry

Fields such as accounting, law, and consulting were also well-positioned for remote work because their standard service tended to include the capacity for off-site client management, according to Wendy Cama, the supervising partner at Crowe's audit services.

Media and communication sector

Similar trends have been evident in media & communications, with many firms advertising remote work positions. Bloggers, writers, photographers, and other media professionals are well-positioned to work from home.

Companies where you can work from home

  • Aetna
    Aetna is a healthcare provider that has an assortment of remote job listings. Some of its remote positions include clinical liaison, customer support, project data analyst, etc. Sometimes Aetna does have travel or location requirements, so read the job descriptions thoroughly before you apply.

  • Amazon
    E-commerce giant Amazon has over 75,000 employees. They also have an entire job-related section on their website dedicated to work from home or virtual jobs. Some remote positions include jobs in human resources, sales, customer service, project management, and advertising.

  • American Express
    American Express provides remote job opportunities, both full and part-time, across the world. The company was named among the 100 Best companies to Work for by Fortune in 2019. American Express's remote jobs include human resources, customer service, sales, and more.

As the appeal of remote work grows, many companies will pivot to creating remote-first positions that transcend location, demographics, and more. Learn more by browsing our remote work guide and Wrike blog.