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How Do I Access My Work Computer From Home?

When planning a transition to remote work, you may have a number of logistical considerations to make. This includes ensuring that you have access to all the important equipment and documents you’ll need to do your best work. 

You may be wondering what the best way is to access your work computer from home. Fret not. Learning how to access a work computer from home is easier than you think.

Accessing your work computer from home

Firstly, if your work computer is a laptop or a desktop device that employees are authorized to take home, accessing your work computer is as simple as bringing your physical device into your remote office. 

Before transporting your work computer to a home office, consult with your workplace’s IT department for details on any security or logistical considerations. They may require you to sign out whatever hardware you intend to use at home for record-keeping purposes.

If you intend to use a different device to remotely access your work computer, you have a couple of options. 

Remote desktop connection
One option for accessing your work computer from home is by enabling remote desktop access on your devices. Depending on the operating system you’re using, the process of setting up your remote desktop access may differ. 

Setting up a remote desktop connection allows you to access your work files and information from your personal or remote work computer. You will need to enable remote desktop access on your work device beforehand. To learn more about this process, consult with your company’s IT department. 

Remote access apps  
Some applications can help you learn how to access your work computer from home in just a few clicks. Some popular options include:

Remote access apps can range in price, from free or inexpensive to more comprehensive but costly options. 

While Wrike is not a remote access solution, it does allow users to access tasks, projects, and documentation from anywhere. This makes work seamless, enabling a smooth transition when switching to a remote work situation.

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