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How Can I Work From Home?

Whether you are an employee, a business owner, or someone looking for more flexibility in your career, you have likely asked the question, "how can I work from home?" To work from home successfully, you must incorporate healthy habits and tactics into your lifestyle, as well as utilizing the right tools. Below are tips for anyone who has asked this question and is considering a transition from working in an office to working from home. 

How can I work from home? - Tips for employees considering remote work

  1. A change of mindset:
    To achieve success while working from home, you must cultivate a mindset of ownership and responsibility for all work tasks. Like a boss, you should consider your organization's goals and how your role fits into them. Thinking this way makes you proactive, motivated, and valuable to your team and organization.
  2. Good internet connection: Before you resume working from home, it is crucial to test your internet connection to ensure that it is sufficient for efficient remote work. Your internet speed should enable you to join virtual meetings, utilize remote workspaces, and carry out your work tasks and responsibilities on schedule. 
  3. A daily routine: If you are recently transitioning from a 9-5 office schedule to working from home, you should still attempt to stick to a consistent work routine. A steady routine is beneficial because it eliminates the need to make a lot of decisions in a day and allows you to save your mental energy for real, tangible work. 
  4. A designated workspace: When working from home, it is wise to find a private, quiet space just for work. For the best results, this workspace should be separate from your bedroom or living room, so you can easily separate work and rest. 
  5. Set healthy boundaries: When working from home, distractions are a given. To avoid wasting valuable time, ensure your family or housemates know your working hours and respect that time. When your workday is finished, be sure to switch off and enjoy time with your family and friends. Setting boundaries helps you maintain mental wellness, contribute to your organization, and avoid work fatigue.

Remote team management techniques for project managers

  1. Define clear roles and goals for your team:
    As a project manager working from home, you should ensure that every team member knows their role and how it ties into the organization's goals. Each team member should have adequate visibility into teammates' tasks to avoid duplicating efforts or working without clarity.
  2. Over-communicate:
    For every project manager asking, "how can I work from home," this is a crucial tip. It is always better to over-communicate than to hold back. You should always provide context to your team for decisions you make that affect them and their work. 
  3. Consider teammates' time zones:
    To function effectively as a cohesive team, you need to consider every team member's time zone and availability. Scheduling meetings or tasks that inconvenience team members in distant time zones is a sure way to lose their enthusiasm and reduce productivity.  
  4. Allow enough slack time in project planning:
    Allowing slack time between deliverables is best practice in project management. It is even more important in teams that work from home. It is better to establish a well-paced culture of asynchronous collaboration to allow each member time to perform at their best and complete assigned tasks before their due dates. 
  5. Adopt the right project collaboration tools:
    To manage a work from home team effectively, you need the right project management tools that suit your organization's needs. 

Working from home may seem daunting at first. By following these tips, you go from asking, "how can I work from home?" to crushing all your work tasks and obligations with ease.