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What Is Remote Whiteboarding?

Remote whiteboarding is a great tool for team collaboration. Use this tool to draw mockups, explain information to team members, and plan projects with the help of a visual aid. In the same way you would use a physical whiteboard in an in-person meeting, remote whiteboarding tools make it possible to visually communicate complex ideas.

As work becomes more remote, digital whiteboards can be a game-changer. Distributed teams can collaborate better and optimize their processes by using a centralized platform to brainstorm, plan, and visualize multi-layered concepts, ideas, and approaches.

Remote whiteboarding tools also make communication faster and convenient for remote teams. While there are various whiteboard tools out there, it is imperative to choose one with the right features for your team.

An interactive remote whiteboard can cater to an organization’s needs, no matter where teams are located. They can also make the transition smoother for newly-remote teams while fostering new ideas and creativity.

What makes an effective online whiteboard?

Using an effective remote whiteboard increases the likelihood of better communication among employees regardless of geographical barriers. It increases engagement among remote employees and makes a presentation inclusive and attractive.

While any doodle app can be turned into an online whiteboard, here are some of the integral features to look out for that can give you a great remote whiteboarding experience.

Infinite canvas
Unlike physical whiteboards, digital ones have no size restrictions. It means that no matter how complex or big your visualizations are, you can easily present them with no size limitations.

Collaboration features
A good remote whiteboard should allow easy collaboration in real-time. It should also let employees easily exchange information with relevant parties.

Furthermore, it is imperative to consider one that lets your employees easily attach files, links, and images to the whiteboard for future reference.

You should have the ability to share your whiteboard internally with your team and also export it if required.

There are various feature-rich remote whiteboarding tools out there that can help the users navigate the intricacies of working from home.

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