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What Is Marketing Asset Management Software?

The more we dive into the world of marketing, the higher the marketing technology stack seems to grow. Marketing asset management software is among the most important types of martech a marketing department can invest in, providing the tools needed to ensure that all marketing assets are managed, organized, labeled, and stored correctly. This ensures that every member of the marketing team can be confident that they are using the right branded assets to reinforce the company’s brand as they communicate with potential or existing customers. 

If you’re wondering how marketing asset management software differs from other martech software options, you’re not alone. Keeping the martech options clear can be difficult for even seasoned marketers. Generally, marketing asset management software is an online tool that helps marketing departments collect and organize their digital files. It can offer particular benefits for teams working with audio and video files, in addition to other types of content. 

A marketing department’s marketing asset management system should also be able to incorporate other software that marketing departments typically use to edit and collaborate on files. Marketing asset management tools typically offer integrations with publishing applications. This helps streamline processes and workflows for marketers, so they can focus on campaigns and projects rather than searching for assets or interrupting team members to ask for the correct images, documents, or videos.  

MAM software can be an extremely helpful tool for marketers who work with audio and video content because it offers the option to store and search through metadata. Without metadata, searching through video and audio clips can be a time-consuming endeavor. 

Marketing asset management systems also ensure that marketers are able to quickly find files that have been approved for publication. This means unapproved or outdated files don’t see the light of day and risk diluting the company’s brand. MAM software should allow approval functionality and indexing that makes finding these assets quick and easy.

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