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What Is a Marketing System?

Marketers often talk about tasks, projects, campaigns, and events. These happen once, and the marketer’s focus is nearly always on their successful completion. But what about the tasks or marketing activities that can be repeated? The ones that save marketers time and energy? Marketing systems can be used when you have repeatable tasks or projects, making the entire marketing process more efficient.  

A marketing system is a repeatable, predictable routine a marketer uses to carry out their daily work. 

Marketing systems are often employed by marketers hoping to replicate routines when communicating with clients, setting up social media campaigns, working with influencers, or even sending mailers to current clients. Each of these marketing activities can be improved by creating a set of steps that the marketer can follow so that they aren't starting from scratch every time they need to launch a campaign or marketing activity.

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Benefits of marketing systems

Some marketing activities are complex and bespoke, but even large events and wide-ranging campaigns can benefit from the use of marketing systems. For instance, if a company hosts a handful of large events each year, having a prescribed set of steps documented and ready to re-use can save time and resources across the marketing team. The marketing team would then automatically know what steps need to be taken and in what order in order to complete a successful event. 

Marketers can reap even more benefits of time and energy savings when these systems are automated. Consider a marketer’s daily or weekly routine of regularly contacting leads when they reach a certain stage in the funnel to send them more information and to nurture them along in the marketing process. Where those communications can be automated, a marketer is less likely to forget to send one of those pieces of information. More potential customers are brought through the marketing funnel toward the completion of the sale. 

Many marketing departments use marketing software to create automated marketing systems that ensure that no lead is left uncontacted and no marketing task is left incomplete. Marketing software can ensure that reminders are sent when tasks are nearing their deadlines. Additionally, marketing managers can use marketing system tools to gain visibility across the entire marketing funnel. This will enable them to view granular details about each marketer’s status on projects or lead nurturing, so they can address bottlenecks and roadblocks before they become problematic.