Kanban Project Template

Practice Kanban-style project management with Wrike. Visually manage your project with boards, limit the amount of work in progress, focus on the flow, and improve your process as you go.

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Visually manage your project, focus on flow, and make improvements with Kanban

Japanese for “visual signal” or “visual card,” the Kanban project management methodology was developed on factory floors to easily track the progress of work visually. Since then, Kanban has been adopted by software development teams to build digital products of all kinds.

Kanban project management represents individual tasks as cards that are moved along a board divided into the different stages of production. This puts the focus on a continuous flow of a small number of tasks, preventing teams from over-committing or getting distracted by lesser priorities.

Wrike is the perfect tool for building your own flexible Kanban board that is stored in the cloud so even distributed teams can have complete visibility. With this Kanban Project Template, you can ditch your sticky notes and whiteboards and make use of a powerful digital board view that’s completely customizable to meet your needs. 

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How to use the Kanban Project Template in Wrike

This template will help you get up and running quickly with Wrike. Use it as a reference to managing a Kanban project with Wrike. The guide below shows you how to:

  • Break down your work into tasks
  • Use the Board view to manage your work
  • Set up complex projects using Kanban boards
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Start by defining the stages of your development workflow. Each column in the Board view represents a stage. This template comes with 5 sample stages to get you started: To-Do, Doing, Done, Canceled, Backlogged.

To create a new custom workflow, click the Settings button and then Manage Workflow.

Next, add cards that represent actionable tasks to each stage. Tasks can be assigned to one or more members of your team. This template includes some sample tasks that can be renamed or deleted as needed. To assign a task, click on a card, then click Add assignee, and select a member of your team. If the person is not in Wrike yet, simply add their email address and an invitation to join Wrike will be sent to them.

After a task has been assigned, click on the date selector to set the start and due date.

As the status of each task is changed, the card will automatically move to the next column. Cards can also manually be moved to any column by clicking and dragging to the desired position. Make sure to limit the amount of work in progress so you can focus on the flow and improve your process as you go.


The Kanban template works by allowing you to break down projects into a visual representation of task status and stages. This Kanban project template includes five sample phases to help users get started.
The Kanban project template can be used by any industry. Teams that need a scalable and highly visual way to manage their projects can benefit from using Wrike’s Kanban project template.
Set up your tasks as normal and drag them across the Kanban board as they are assigned and completed. Use the sample stages provided to indicate the status of a task. The sample stages are “to-do”, “doing”, “done”, “cancelled”, and “backlogged”.
Yes, it is possible to manage complex projects with a Kanban board. Kanban boards are scaleable but can break down any project into its simplest components and phases. It's clear what needs to be done, what's in progress, what has been completed, and what ideas can be preserved for later.
Scrum is a more iterative method of project development than Kanban. Scrum projects are often broken up into sprints — a set length of time where key parts of a project are delivered. Kanban, on the other hand, can adjust to changing priorities and represents a more real-time take on work and project management.

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