Agile Teamwork Template

Harness the power of Agile, an iteration-based approach to development. This Wrike template helps you prioritize a backlog for planning, managing sprints with boards, and tracking progress using reports.

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Unleash the power of the Agile project management methodology

The Agile teamwork methodology is a favorite amongst modern software-development teams. Their teams work, and deliver results, faster on average than teams that follow other methodologies.

In order to embrace the adaptability and speed of Agile, you need a tool that will help structure your work and support your Agile team-development workflow. Wrike was built with Agile teams in mind. This template enables you to easily prioritize your backlog and set up Agile sprints, manage your scrum meetings, and report on progress using reports.

Why you need this template

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How to use the Agile Teamwork Template in Wrike

All teams are different and one size doesn’t fit all. This setup provides a base configuration and sample data to demonstrate one of the possible ways an agile development team could work in Wrike.

Method to madness

There are 4 major steps in the process and 4 tasks in this guide. Each contains instructions on how to apply various platform features and bind them into a sensible flow. Use it as a starting point to get a taste of Wrike, improve to fit your current process, or just learn something new.

What’s inside?

  1. The Software Dev Team space and several sub-folders and projects to organize your work, including this guide. Feel free to edit this structure any way you see fit.
  2. Request form Submit a Product Bug to help external stakeholders report bugs.
  3. Calendar-based roadmap Product Initiatives for high-level planning and reporting
  4. Product Management, Agile Workflow and Meeting Action Items custom workflows you can edit via 'Account Management'.
  5. Dashboards to monitor progress:
  • Team Dashboard shows prioritized lists of tasks for different work types.
  • Team Meetings Dashboard helps you monitor the progress of retrospective actions


Wrike’s Agile project template helps teams manage sprints, prioritize tasks in their backlog, and stay on top of project progress. Communication and visibility are improved, so teams can stay aligned throughout the project process.
Yes, you can use the Agile template to manage sprints. Sprint planning is made easier thanks to request forms, custom workflows, and dashboards that help monitor progress.
Anyone can use the Agile teamwork template. Teams focused on taking an iteration-based approach to their projects will especially benefit from the visibility and structure the template provides.
Yes, the Agile project template is free. No need to buy or download anything; plan your next sprint right away.

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