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Discover Seamless Resource Management Software

Deliver high-value work and easily meet your goals with the world’s leading resource management software.


Get the most out of your resources

Wrike’s advanced resource management software makes managing your projects easy. Store all your resources in one place so each member of your team can access them when needed. Discover our robust resource management tools for improved work efficiency.

Set priorities

Set priorities

Make sure everyone stays on the same page so you can prioritize goals and streamline resources from the get-go.

Optimize performance

Optimize performance

Empower next-level outcomes and enable efficient, quality work by assigning the right people to the right projects.

Hit your targets

Hit your targets

Easily align team goals with organizational goals by getting the most out of what you have every step of the way.

Smash your goals
and do more with less

Plan, schedule, and allocate your resources with ease.

Сutting edge, ready-to-go templates

These resource management solution templates ensure you maximize your resources every day. Empower your team with the resource management tools they need. These resource management solution templates maximize your resources.

Product roadmap

Visualize and execute a roadmap with a template to prioritize tasks and projects, manage workloads, and track progress.

Objectives and Key Results

Formalize goals so your team always knows where they are going and how they’re aligned with company objectives.

Communication plan

Simplify team communication by designating project owners and aligning everyone on desired outcomes.

Incoming projects

Maximize efficiency and ensure clarity by covering every angle with customizable intake forms and briefs.

Complex projects

Break work up into easy-to-accomplish stages so your team always makes the most of available resources.

Kanban template

Take a highly visual approach to resource management and make sure your team works together efficiently and effectively.

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Simplify resource management

With Wrike’s resource management software, you and your team can benefit from an extensive selection of features to keep you organized throughout every project.


Get instant insights

Focus on delivering top-quality results with a tool that gives you an easy-to-access, bird’s-eye view of every resource.


Increase team performance

Easily spot where you can add more resources and where you can streamline what you have.


Keep everyone informed

Make sure everyone is in the loop to boost collaboration and prevent miscommunication and inefficiency.


Simple time-tracking

Help teams maximize their time with timers or by adding time manually. Lock timesheets to streamline reporting and invoicing.


Personalized Kanban boards

Keep better track of plans and progress with simple boards that can be customized to reflect your teams’ processes.


Adjustable Gantt charts

Use a simple drag-and-drop to adjust priorities, or build a chart in one click. Add dependencies and always stay on track.

<p>Optimize and prioritize with ease</p>

Optimize and prioritize with ease

Leading resource management software

<p>Optimize and prioritize with ease</p>