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Help Your Teams Reach Every Goal With OKR Software

Turn ambition into action with Wrike’s easy-to-use OKR system. Streamline how you plan, track, and report on your teams’ goals.


Boost results with this powerful OKR tool

Auto-organize your teams’ goals

Auto-organize your teams’ goals

Create and track OKRs at a company, department, team, and individual level that roll up for true holistic OKR management.

Track progress in real-time

Track progress in real-time

Enable teams to use real-time dashboards to visualize OKR milestones and immediately see what to prioritize.

Gain organization-wide metrics

Gain organization-wide metrics

Automatically deliver progress reports straight to your inbox, or share them instantly with execs for transparency.

Drive results with an easy-to-use OKR system

Transform how your teams approach and achieve their objectives with Wrike’s OKR tools.

Start achieving more with these OKR software templates

Our easy-to-use templates help your teams to create an OKR system that drives even better results.

OKR template

Get everything you need to define and execute the measurable steps your teams will take to achieve their quarterly goals.

Complex phased projects

Use an effective, phased approach to project management. Simplify projects into tasks and track progress on a visual timeline.

Agile teamwork template

Take an iteration-based approach – prioritize backlogs, manage sprints with boards, and monitor your results with reports.

Break projects into phases

Maintain clear communication and a 360° view of the entire project to ensure on-time delivery.

Sprint planning template

Get set up with everything you need to structure your iteration cycles with boards and drive better results with Agile.

Product roadmap template

Define tasks, monitor real-time progress, and coordinate activities across teams and departments to deliver products on time, every time.

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<p>Why your business needs an OKR software</p>

Why your business needs an OKR software

OKR software helps teams to set, share, and measure strategic goals, both at a team and an individual level. An OKR system provides a better way of tracking OKRs than informal messaging or irregular meetings. OKR software also provides a centralized place to record and share progress.

Wrike gives you much more than OKR tools

use case

Invest in the right projects

Use project portfolio management to seamlessly connect strategy to planning. Instantly see which projects will drive ROI.

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Maximize your resources

Wrike’s easy-to-use resource management enables you to balance workloads and track time for better planning and results.

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Improve team collaboration

Give teams the tools they need to collaborate effectively from anywhere. Create a dedicated digital office they can thrive in.


Become an OKR expert

Catch up on our webinar to prepare your team for ‘the next normal’. See how you can use OKRs to deliver better outcomes.


Support your Agile teams

Gain everything you need to drive better results from sprints with our dedicated Agile guide. Get the inside track on Agile.


Work effectively from anywhere

Remote work is here to stay. Learn how to maximize your teams’ time whether they’re in-office, hybrid, or WFH.

<p>Transform how you achieve your goals today</p>

Transform how you achieve your goals today

Powerful OKR software

<p>Transform how you achieve your goals today</p>