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Empower Your Marketing Operations with MRM Software

Turbocharge your campaigns with easy-to-use MRM software. Use Wrike’s marketing resource management software to track all your resources in one place. Our powerful MRM tools eliminate silos and prioritize workloads.


Unlock incredible results with powerful MRM tools

Accelerate asset creation

Accelerate asset creation

Approve and proof assets seamlessly within your creative tools. Build a database that keeps assets at your teams’ fingertips.

Foster effective communication

Foster effective communication

Wrike’s MRM software eliminates silos and creates full transparency company-wide on how marketing resources are used.

Strategize campaign plans

Strategize campaign plans

Plan with precision – balance workloads, track time, and monitor budget. Visualize important milestones with one click.

Maximize your ROI with an easy‑to‑use MRM system

Optimize every step of your marketing efforts from planning to reporting with Wrike’s MRM solutions.

Powerful templates to support marketing resource management

Our easy-to-use templates help your teams maximize marketing resources with every project.

Marketing operations management

Organize incoming requests, set up dashboards to monitor progress, and use reports to provide updates.

Marketing campaign management

Use a timeline-based template to turn campaign plans into actionable tasks, assign due dates, and track progress.

Go to market

Break down each of your launches into management phases, assign deliverables, and monitor progress using a visual timeline.

Sales asset management

Provide sales teams with the content they need. Organize your assets for easy access.

Event management

Simplify event plans into stages, track progress on a timeline, and use seamless organization.

Project scheduling

Use effortless project management to execute initiatives. Plan deliverables, assign due dates, and monitor progress.

<p>Make smarter campaign decisions</p>

Make smarter campaign decisions

Get real-time performance insights across your digital ad channels, right where you manage work. Track results across 50+ channels – no analysts, BI tools, or spreadsheets needed.
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<p>Why marketers need an MRM software</p>

Why marketers need an MRM software

Marketing resource management software helps teams maximize resources by creating clarity around how assets, time, and budget are used. An MRM system enables digital asset management, time tracking, and budget management, and allows marketing teams to work as efficiently as possible.

Access more than just MRM software

Our MRM software is just one way Wrike can benefit your teams. Discover more of our powerful and trusted features, including workload views, synced calendars, and remote working tools. Achieve your business goals with Wrike’s MRM system.

marketing guide

Become a marketing expert

Get the edge on your competitors with our comprehensive marketing guide. Learn how to plan and execute your best campaign yet.

Team solution

Support your marketing teams

Learn how Wrike’s award-winning MRM software helps marketing teams around the world to deliver better results.

Use case

Make your resources go further

Use workload views for more accurate task allocation, or incorporate time tracking for smarter planning and forecasting.

team solution

Drive better ROI on digital

See how your digital marketing teams could benefit from MRM tools like real-time insights, proofing, publishing, automated reporting, and more.

team solution

Accelerate your creative output

Learn how Wrike streamlines asset creation at every step. Auto-organize requests and implement in-context feedback with ease.


Maximize resources while remote

Discover all you need to optimize resources with remote or hybrid teams including actionable insights to try straight away.

<p>Recharge your marketing operations with Wrike</p>

Recharge your marketing operations with Wrike

Intuitive MRM software

<p>Recharge your marketing operations with Wrike</p>