Create Incredible Events. Eliminate the Chaos.

Transform how your team plans events with Wrike’s easy-to-use event project management.
<p>Create Incredible Events. Eliminate the Chaos.</p>


Unlock seamless event planning

Ensure no detail gets missed

Ensure no detail gets missed

Assign each checklist item to the responsible teams, adding dependencies and due dates with our event planning software.

Enable better collaboration

Enable better collaboration

Get cross-functional teams on the same page with clear information that can be shared and edited in real-time.

Create full visibility on progress

Create full visibility on progress

Reduce status check-in emails and meetings. Enable stakeholders to independently monitor your teams’ planning progress.

Ensure no details get missed

Wrike’s event planning software enables you to execute flawless events.

Use pre-built templates to accelerate planning

Shorten your organization periods with trusted event planning software templates from Wrike.

Event management

Simplify your event plan into stages, define due dates for tasks, and track progress on a visual timeline.

Social media plan

Plan how to promote your event on social, track results in real-time, and eliminate silos with shared dashboards.

Competitor analysis

Unlock a vital overview of your competitors and their events so you can compare, adapt, and improve your own events.

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“Once we started using it on-event, everyone realized how useful it was. The following event we just copied all the information across and we had all the debrief comments in one place.”

Celene Curry, Event Operations, Goodwood
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"Everything that anybody touches on this event is in Wrike. At the end, we can pull a report to see how it performed. We were able to get things done faster than we would normally have in any other year."

Patricia Davis, Manager of the PMO, F5 Networks
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“Everything I see now in Wrike is live and in its current status, which is a big plus. We can jump on the job, look at the last couple of comments, and pick up the ball up and run with it from there.”

Ashley Risstrom, Senior Production Manager, Ogilvy

Gain more than just event planning software

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Collaborate from anywhere

Find trusted best practices and support your team to build their best events, whether they're across the hall or across the world.


Automate your workflows

Help teams to focus on the most impactful work for their events by adding easy-to-use automation to their workflows.

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Maximize your resources

Ensure your team is making their resources go the distance with Wrike’s trusted resource management software.

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Power the creative process

Support your creative teams working on events with streamlined asset proofing and publication, faster approvals, and more.


Unlock better planning practices

Use our must-read free project management guide to find the perfect way to plan events.

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Enable digital marketing

Support your digital marketing teams to promote your events better with smart templates, insights, and automation.

<p>Discover seamless event planning with Wrike</p>

Discover seamless event planning with Wrike

Powerful event planning software

<p>Discover seamless event planning with Wrike</p>