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Get the Campaign Management Software & Collaboration Tools Your Teams Need

Optimize your campaigns with the world’s most advanced campaign management system for marketers, now with performance insights.


Create a power hub for your campaigns

Wrike’s advanced campaign management software has built-in campaign planning tools to help align your teams throughout important projects. Allow better monitoring with accurate performance insights and manage workflows to stay on track.

Improve cross-team alignment

Improve cross-team alignment

Eliminate silos with smart, organized collaboration. Gain clarity and ensure each project has visibility across the board.

Get assets live in record time

Get assets live in record time

Wrike’s campaign management software features visual proofing, publishing, creative integrations, and automated approvals.

Show cross-channel success

Show cross-channel success

Build custom reports for stakeholders and use real-time data insights across 50 digital channels to monitor performance.

Realize better results

Streamline your intake, simplify asset management, and centralize your campaign insights.

Improve campaign results with
pre-built templates

Wrike’s campaign management software templates help you maximize your campaigns.

Campaign management

Streamline every aspect of your campaigns and improve quarterly performance with Wrike.

Editorial calendar creation

Create a steady stream of content, keep track of live dates, and ensure your campaign content stays consistent.

Social media planning

Plan your social campaigns, monitor performance in real-time, and share progress with customizable dashboards.

Competitor analysis

Get a detailed picture of the market with this template. Compare features and share results.

Marketing operations

Manage your campaigns seamlessly using custom request forms, shared dashboards, and more.

Agile marketing

Embrace Agile in your campaign management and plan your next sprint with ease.

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Improve campaigns with these resources

Make full use of Wrike’s campaign planning tools with these additional features. Allow your team to collaborate and empower them to achieve results across your campaigns. Introduce the right campaign management tool for your business.


Support digital marketing

Get powerful templates and smart automation for your digital marketing teams so they can do their best work.

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Improve remote working

Discover tried-and-tested best practices and support your team to collaborate from anywhere.


Find the best approach

Discover your team’s best way of working with our must-read free project management guide.

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Unlock the value of automation

See how smart automation can help your teams focus on high-impact work and achieve more goals.


Uplevel your creative teams

Convert concepts into brilliant executions with quicker approvals, asset proofing and publication, and more.


Maximize your teams’ time

Use automatic timers or add time once a task is done so your team can focus on billable, recorded hours.

<p>Outperform your campaign goals with Wrike</p>

Outperform your campaign goals with Wrike

The best campaign management software

<p>Outperform your campaign goals with Wrike</p>