SAML SSO (Single Sign-On) Project Management Software Integration

Save time and passwords with Single Sign-On. Log in to Wrike using your corporate credentials.

Benefit from single sign-on to Wrike through SAML

SAML 2.0 is the industry standard protocol for federated authentication. Enable SAML single sign-on for your Wrike account and increase security by enforcing access policies and multi-factor authentication (optional), reduce administrative costs with just-in-time user provisioning, and make it easier for your team to use Wrike with one-click access and no extra passwords to memorize.

*This feature is available for Enterprise users.
Please contact to enable single sign-on for your account.

For more details on how to enable SAML SSO for your Wrike account please read our SSO with SAML: Implementation Guide.

Benefit from single sign-on to Wrike through SAML


SAML-based SSO with Wrike allows users to log in and access their workspaces with one set of credentials. With SAML turned on, Enterprise companies can use SSO providers like Okta, OneLogin, PingFederate, and more.
Yes, the Wrike — SAML integration is safe and secure. SAML 2.0 is an industry standard authentication protocol. The integration also gives your company’s IT teams more control over authentication.
Account admins on Enterprise accounts can enable SAML by navigating to the security page in their user settings. Once there, scroll to SAML SSO and select “Setup SAML SSO”.
The Wrike SAML integration is available for organizations with Wrike Enterprise subscriptions. The option to set up SAML is reserved for account admins.