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Project Management Software Integration for Microsoft 365

Now you can create tasks, review updates, and make changes to Wrike tasks within Office 365 tools without toggling windows

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Wrike + Microsoft Integration

Add-in features

  • Create new tasks within Word and PowerPoint.
  • Attach documents to new or existing tasks.
  • Update task descriptions, assignees, statuses, and due dates
  • Review and add comments for your team.

The Wrike Add-in for Office 365 is compatible with Microsoft Word versions 2013, 2016, and online and Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2013 and 2016.

Learn more about the add-in in our Wrike Help Center.

Add-in features


Yes! Wrike integrates with the programs in Microsoft Office (including Outlook) to easily attach files and create and edit tasks in Wrike within the Microsoft Office apps.
Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, and Word can all be joined with Wrike. To integrate with Wrike with Microsoft Office, follow the instructions on the Wrike Help Center.
Versions of Excel (for Mac and Online), PowerPoint (for Mac and Online), and Word (for Mac and Online) 2013+ and upwards are compatible with Wrike.