Slack Project Management & Time Tracking Software Integration

Accomplish more by converting chats into structured work and collaborating more effectively on projects in Slack.

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Main features

Create Wrike tasks in Slack
 via a popup

Immediately receive notifications
from Wrike

Post Wrike task previews

Work in Wrike without
leaving Slack

Accomplish more by bringing Wrike into Slack

Easily capture work

Create new tasks to quickly get work into Wrike, where it can be better managed, tracked, and reported on. Use /wriketask to open a popup to easily enter task details.

Accomplish more by bringing Wrike into Slack

Keep everyone informed

Immediately receive notifications as work progresses in Wrike, so your team can stay informed and quickly respond to changes.

Accomplish more by bringing Wrike into Slack

Better collaborate on work

Post task previews and make it easier to collaborate on Wrike projects by displaying task details in chats. To show previews, invite the Wrike app to a Slack channel or use /wrikepreview .

Accomplish more by bringing Wrike into Slack

How to use it now

Ensure you have a Slack account, then:

Log in to Wrike and enable Wrike’s Slack app

Follow the setup flow to authorize the app in Slack

Use /wrikehelp in Slack to see slash commands

In Wrike, select the Slack icon on a Project or Folder to configure notifications

To see everything you can accomplish with Wrike, take our product tour.
Visit our Help Center to learn more about the Wrike app for Slack.

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Once you have enabled the Wrike Slack integration, you will be able to create tasks right inside of the work chat platform. Within Slack, type ‘/wriketask’ into the channel of your choice, add an assignee, due date, task description and then click create.
Yes! You can receive Slack notifications on Wrike task updates. Get started by authorizing Slack in your Wrike project/folder info panel. Choose the Slack channel where you want these notifications to appear and begin receiving notifications as tasks are updated and completed.
To bring up a list of Wrike commands in Slack, type ‘/wrikehelp’. You’ll be able to see the commands for task previews, task creation, and sending feedback on the integration.
In Wrike’s Apps & Integrations section, find the Slack card and click enable. You’ll then be prompted to log in to your Slack account to begin using the integration.