Tableau Project Management & Planning Software Integration

Run advanced analytics and reports and get greater insight into project performance by integrating Wrike with Tableau.

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Main Features

Tableau web data connector

Access all Wrike account data

Automatically refresh data

Requires admin permissions

Accomplish more by connecting Wrike to Tableau

  • Greater insight: Run advanced reports and analytics that aren’t available in Wrike
  • Synthesize data: Create reports and dashboards in Tableau that incorporate Wrike data and data from other sources
  • Comprehensive: Access all Wrike account data, including tasks, folders, projects, users, activity, and many more
  • Enhanced visibility: Share reports seamlessly with other internal teams using Tableau
  • Compatibility: Wrike Enterprise plan required, along with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online
Accomplish more by connecting Wrike to Tableau

How to use it now


You must be the Wrike account owner or have "Export all account data" admin permissions

In Tableau Desktop, select Connect -> Web Data Connector and enter the Wrike URL

Follow the instructions to log in to Wrike and start building reports and dashboards

To see everything you can accomplish with Wrike, take our product tour.
Visit our Help Center to learn more about the Wrike Tableau connector.

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By connecting Wrike and Tableau, Enterprise plan users can export their project data into Tableau and build custom reports that provide stronger, more holistic business intelligence and insights.
Yes, you can easily integrate Wrike data into Tableau. You can even configure the integration so that this data is pulled automatically.
Users can configure automatic refresh within Tableau according to how often they’d like the data to be synced. For example, for some projects, daily sync is not necessary, so you might configure refresh to happen on a weekly or monthly basis. Tableau allows users to choose their refresh schedule so they can see the most up-to-date data when they need it.
To connect your Tableau desktop application to Wrike, navigate to the Connect panel. From there, select “to a server” and click “more” followed by “web data connector”. In the pop-up window that appears, enter this URL: and then “log in to Wrike”. After verifying your Wrike credentials, click “Accept” to grant Tableau permission to access your Wrike insights.
To use Tableau within Wrike, you must be an Enterprise user and have an account with Tableau as well.