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Stefan Kendal Gordy,

CEO of LaFreak Clothing Line & Party Rock Records

Redfoo — CEO of Party Rock Records and LaFreak Clothing Label and Independent recording artist. Hit single “Let’s Get Ridiculous” went 4x Platinum. Over 1.9 billion YouTube views as a member 

Their story

Before Wrike, only 5% of meeting action items were getting done

In the music business, like any creative industry, artists find themselves with a ton of ideas but not a lot of time to execute them. This was the challenge facing Redfoo as CEO of his clothing line, LaFreak, and his record label, Party Rock. Redfoo and his team would meet, come up with ideas, and begin the process of managing these projects via email and spreadsheets. But they struggled with getting everything done. To add to their struggles, there wasn't one place where people could track tasks and see status updates, and without that visibility into their workload, the team found that only about 5% of their to-dos were getting done.

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I couldn’t imagine running 
a business without Wrike.

Stefan Kendal Gordy,

CEO of LaFreak Clothing Line & Party Rock Records

“Before Wrike, there were obviously a lot of email chains,” says Charlie Pearl, Brand and Social Media Coordinator at LaFreak. “Email chains are semi-efficient and it's really easy to lose information. If someone isn't properly CC'd on an email, they might be left out of the loop, and that results in people being unaware of something they are responsible for.”

I can actually get work done in my sleep!

Stefan Kendal Gordy (Redfoo)

CEO of LaFreak Clothing Line & Party Rock Records

Their victory

Wrike’s ability to simplify collaboration helps Redfoo and his team get more done on time

Redfoo’s business teams are now working seamlessly and effectively. “Wrike is so organized that it is helping shape business practices and procedures because it’s so simple,” says Redfoo.

Wrike’s ability to adapt to Redfoo’s work style has been crucial to his success. At every planning meeting for a party or a show, the whole team opens up their Wrike accounts. As ideas are brainstormed and deadlines decided, tasks are created and assigned. They include all the event information, important attachments, and related links in Wrike instead of using spreadsheets. Since everyone is on the same platform, they all have access to the same data.

“The goal of the company is to get everything in Wrike,” says Redfoo. “If it’s not in Wrike, it doesn’t exist.”

Both of Redfoo’s companies now work in Wrike every day, and their use of the tool is starting to take on a culture of its own. The team is speaking in “Wrike language”; you can hear phrases in the office such as, “Wrike it down!” meaning:just put it in Wrike.

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The teams now have clearer accountability for their tasks. “It’s really hard in a company like ours, where we’re all creative people, and we’re trusted by our boss to accomplish tasks on our own,” says Charlie. “Wrike creates a timeline and makes it clear who’s assigned to what, so that there is no confusion.”

With Wrike, processes are consistent and communication is more efficient, making it easier to meet deadlines. These days, Redfoo and team are ableto get things done on schedule, which gives them more time for the activities they enjoy.

“It’s a balancing act,” says Redfoo. “You need tools that will help you get things done and make it easier. Because the more you get done, the more time for fun.”

Their superpowers

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Brainstorming Folders

One of Redfoo’s secrets to Wrike success is his "Uncategorized" folder. When he comes up with an idea, but he's not sure whom to assign it to, he adds it to his Uncategorized folder in Wrike. This way, all of his ideas are in one trusted place which he can return to at a later time to assign tasks and set deadlines.

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Seamless Email Integration

The email integration allows Redfoo and team to archive the action items from their email communication in one central place. Before Wrike, there was no defined way to create a task from an email conversation. Now, Redfoo can communicate with his vendors and external collaborators through email, and then assign and schedule any to-do items as Wrike tasks directly from his inbox.

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Mobile App

The Wrike mobile app for the iPhone is another important tool because Redfoo is constantly on the go. Since he can't be in the studio everyday, he needs a way to communicate with his team and check project statuses remotely. Wrike’s mobile app allows Redfoo to see the activity feed of a task and check the progress of projects at any time. Using the mobile app, he can upload voice files and melodies and effectively communicate requests on a project from anywhere on the globe.

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