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"We have team members working together on multiple projects all at once. Wrike makes it easy to track our progress and follow up to make sure everything’s being done. It’s also actually fun to use."

— Jamee Herbert, MBA student, Pinchot University

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Main features

Keep all work in one convenient place

Rather than personal notes and Word documents scattered across multiple computers, working in Wrike’s project management tool means that your group has access to every part of the project right when they want it. No need to call or text to get an update.

Collaborate when you’re not together

When you’re working on a team assignment, Wrike’s collaboration tools for students allow you and your project partners to collaborate even when you aren’t in the same room.

  • Work together in real time using the live text editor
  • Review work to leave feedback and questions for classmates
  • Let your teammates know if your portion is still in progress or completed

Track assignments

Who’s in charge of each part of your project? What’s the current status of everyone’s work? Student collaboration tools like Wrike help you break up projects into manageable chunks, assign responsibility to group members, and make sure everyone holds up their end of the final grade.

Easily carry your project with you

Wrike’s free mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to access and update your project any time — whether inspiration strikes as you walk across campus, or as you’re waiting for your next class to begin.

"Wrike helps us store all our research in one place, which makes it much easier to write papers and cite sources. In general, it’s a lot easier to get group work done with fewer phone calls."

— Cecelia Sullivan, MBA student, Pinchot University

Who is eligible?

Current undergraduate and graduate-level students from accredited universities can use Wrike completely free for the full duration of your higher education. You’ll get a free account to collaborate with up to 15 friends and classmates with 15GB of storage. Just sign up using your university email address to get verified.

Subscription Cost Users Storage
Student Free 15 users 15 Gb

If you would like to adjust your student account plan or continue using it after graduation,
contact our team for more information.

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