Automate Salesforce Project Management & Time Tracking

Managing Client Projects Just Got Easier

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Your CRM software is great for managing customers, but not for managing tasks

Your sales team relies on the help of cross-functional teams to close deals and support customers. But it’s difficult to coordinate all the moving parts, resulting in tasks left undone and reps doing admin work instead of selling

Wrike Benefit
There is no single view into work being done for clients

Wrike Benefit
Reps spend too much time navigating internal teams & processes

Wrike Benefit
Cross-functional teams lack a system to manage client work

Unite best-in-class project management software with your CRM

  • Trigger new projects from Salesforce
    Trigger new projects from Salesforce
  • Manage tasks and projects in Wrike
    Manage tasks and projects in Wrike
  • Integrate data between Wrike & Salesforce without email
    Integrate data between Wrike & Salesforce without email

Benefits for Sales Teams

Tap into your team

Request support from a menu of pre-defined services.

Deliver on promises

Improve accountability by assigning tasks and owners for follow-up.

Avoid surprises

Get full visibility into the status of work being done for your clients, plus
advanced reporting.

Benefits for Cross-Functional Teams

Standardize incoming requests

Single source of truth for all incoming requests. No more email or drive-by requests.

Improve on-time delivery

Increase productivity and accountability with a clear record of all your team’s work in one place.

Real-time reporting

Instantly see workload and project status for everyone on your team.

Integrate your Salesforce with Wrike

To request the integration you need to be Wrike Business or Enterprise account administrator:

  • Open "Apps & Integrations" page.
  • Open Salesforce app card (it is visible only to Wrike Business and Enterprise account administrators) and click "Request integration" button
  • You will be sent an e-mail with Setup Manual and installation link which you will need to pass to your Salesforce administrator


Yes! Wrike and Salesforce have a direct integration that lets you manage all the tasks associated with closing deals and streamline internal processes like requesting work from other teams, reporting on work both requested and delivered, and more.
Wrike can turn siloed interactions into a cohesive project, able to span across multiple teams. Instead of spending disproportionate amounts of time on admin tasks, your sales teams can get what they need when they need it — and have the full visibility to know what's been done for a customer or lead.
Imagine you had a birds-eye view of what work has been done for each of your clients, reps had automated workflows to request work from other teams (and other teams had the same process for your reps), and emails asking for data on tasks was nearly eliminated? It's possible when you integrate Wrike and Salesforce.
Gain full visibility over work that's been done for clients, no matter who was responsible, even if they were on another team. Streamlined requests and processes mean you can also deliver more tasks on-time, while also being able to instantly report on work and projects' statuses.
Yes! Our Wrike for Salesforce widget lets you see updates and manage work stored within Wrike in real time without having to use email. Once integrated, every record page in Salesforce will have the Wrike widget where you can access linked tasks and check their details and status.